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About STyles of Houston

Styles of Houston serves to showcase to the world how the amazing city of Houston dresses.

Houston is one of the most diverse cities in this country. With diversity comes different people and different cultures, and that results in having many different styles. 

Styles Of Houston documents these styles like none other.

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What does fashion mean to you?

"For me personally, fashion means freedom, like, you're literally able to express...

What does fashion mean to you?

"Fashion is everything to me. I remember when I was younger, I would always put ou...

What does your fashion consist of?

"I definitely love bright colors, especially because we're moving into the spr...

Why is fashion important to you?

"Fashion is an important part of my life because my appearance and presentation...

Why is fashion important to you?

"Fashion is important to me because it's all about how you carry yourself, how y...

What role does fashion play in your life?

"Fashion plays a significant role in my life, not only because I'm an a...

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