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Man's Best Friend or Man's Best Accessory?

It's safe to say that puppies are some of the most adorable animals known to mankind. Furthermore, pitbull puppies are my favorite. In this case, I have little Rico, a blue fawn pitbull puppy. With his beautiful tan fur and blue eyes to die for, it makes me wonder, is Rico man’s best friend or man’s best fashion accessory? For this particular outfit, looks like little Rico is man’s best accessory. Since Rico has piercing baby blue eyes, I wanted to incorporate the color baby blue into my outfit. It is a no brainer that I have chosen to wear my baby blue spray on jeans from Topman. These skinny jeans are as comfortable as it gets and the color and style of the jeans are amazing. If you don't know, you will learn that I absolutely love the game of basketball. I have been playing since the age of nine, won a 5A Texas State Basketball Championship as a sophomore at George Bush High School, and played collegiately at Brandeis University. To match little Rico’s eyes, I chose to wear a Retro Nike Denver Nuggets Carmelo Anthony jersey. The blue trim matches Rico's eyes perfectly and the yellow in the jersey makes the outfit pop. Two things I love within my personal style, color coordination, and having my style pop. I love when different articles of clothing have similar schemes and I really like warm colors because they grab the attention of others. To complete this look, I chose to wear chelsea boots to offset my sporty look with a casual feel. I love chelsea boots, the structure of the boot and the versatility it brings, whether wearing them for business attire or casual fashion. I chose to wear my tan ASOS chelsea boots, not being a coincidence that they perfectly match little Rico’s fur. If I were to bring little Rico out into the city with me, the question of man’s best friend or man’s best accessory would be answered rather quickly. For now, I’ll say that on a day to day basis, the beautiful blue fawn pitbull puppy is my best friend. However, if I were to take him out with me into public, he would quickly change into man’s best fashion accessory.



As seen on Houston Life TV

As seen on Houston Public Media for Houston Matters

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