RyneWilliamsStyles Episode 1 "Casual Paradise"

You can always tell a lot about a person by the way they dress. Through my style choices I want you to understand who I am and the things that I like. Thus, getting into this particular look. My personality is very vibrant, as the word dull has never been appealing to me. Grays, blacks, and whites are essential colors to fashion yet I like to step outside of boundaries. I like to be different and challenge the norm. This correlates to why I wore this shirt. Palm trees scripted within a cotton long sleeve shirt. The palm trees fill the shirt, making it far from dull. The long sleeve collared look is a professional look, what a strive to go for, yet the trees oppose profession and help give off a casual balance. Furthermore, I love the color navy blue, as I feel it compliments my skin tone well and it's my father's favorite color as well, adding a little bias to my choosing. Comfortability is always key so I chose blue spray on jeans with rips at the knee from Topman. I LOVE knee rips in jeans. There's a certain mix of casual, comfort, and style within them! Last but not least, to finish the outfit, two important words, Chelsea Boots. I love how these look. I love a casual yet professional look & these boots get the job done every single time. It literally never fails!


Top- www.hm.com

Bottom- www.topman.com

Shoes- www.asos.com

As seen on Houston Life TV

As seen on Houston Public Media for Houston Matters

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