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RyneWilliamsStyles Episode 2 "Cool, Calm, Collected"

As we get to episode 2, you can find me at Houston's Waterwall near the galleria. It's so amazing and attracts many people. On this day, the weather was very gloomy and calm so I wanted to correlate that into my outfit being Cool, Calm, & Collected. Going with a business causal look, I started my outfit with a white dress shirt. I love patterns so there's no surprise that there are black polka dots scripted inside the shirt. Everyone needs breathing room so I left the two top buttons open, giving off a Tony Montana look. Chinos are the go to pants when it comes to business casual so I went with some khaki ones, stylish & great fit. I ended the fit with some suede black double strap monk shoes. These shoes get the job done as the two straps are very stylish. Furthermore, the shoes match my belt in which I am the biggest fan of color coordination and always finding slick ways to match a certain color.


As seen on Houston Life TV

As seen on Houston Public Media for Houston Matters

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