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Ryne Williams Styles Episode 6 "Denim

In this episode I'm giving you a denim look with a splash of street style. When it comes to casual and street style, a denim jacket is a must. There's no question that I'm wearing my blue jean denim jacket from Levi's. These jackets are a necessity as they are very stylish. Underneath the jacket is a black feather t-shirt from Urban Outfitters. These shirts are so comfortable and the color black always goes good under blue jean jackets. To keep the black theme going, I'm wearing my black Topman jeans. The rips at the knee add so much flavor and flare to the look. Last but not least, I'm rocking some brown suede Chelsea boots. These boots are very smooth as they have a certain pattern on the sides of the boots and the color goes well with the entire outfit. A casual street look will always be one of my favorite types of outfits.

As seen on Houston Life TV

As seen on Houston Public Media for Houston Matters

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