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Street Style with Geron House

Ryne Williams Styles is giving y'all something new, Styles Collaborations! By adding this, I'm giving everyone a perspetive on how the city of Houston dresses. Everyone has their own unique style and I want people to respect that and cherish all style choices. My first collaboation is with Geron House, a hometown and high school friend. We are showcasing a street style look that pops out to the eye quickly! Geron is sporting a jacket from Yeci Studios, ripped black jeans from Zara, and some Adidas classics! I'm wearing a retro vintage Reebok windbreaker full of cool colors, ripped black jeans from Topman, and some black chelsea boots to top it off! The combining of these looks almost hypnotizes the eye if you stare to long! I love the way Geron adds different shades of small color to his majority black look. By doing that, not only does his jacket pop out to people due to its patterns, but the colors make his outfit pop, respectively from head to toe. I respect his fashion choices, proving that though from the same city and area, the city of Houston breeds personnel with a variety of fashion choices, even if the style genre is common. Our street looks are different, but that is the beauty of Houston fashion. Diverse city, diverse fashion. Shop the looks below!

As seen on Houston Life TV

As seen on Houston Public Media for Houston Matters

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