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Behind The Scenes Ft. Vannesa Moreno

Styles Of Houston goes behind the scenes with Vannesa Moreno to give you extra insight and takes during Vannesa's feature!

Vannesa's Take

"Hi, I'm Vannesa from LaceupsandThunderThighs and I'm here with Ryne from Styles Of Houston. We're working on his awesome project. Stay tuned to see all the awesome Houston fashionistas and how they style their pieces."

Ryne's Take

Vannesa struts her style with so much fierce. She knows how to coordinate her outfit well from head to toe. Each article of clothing has something special about it, from her top that has patterns of lace, to her skirt that has a stylish zipper. Her boots perfectly distract you from the black that she is wearing, along with her purse. She's a real fashionista, who indulges in accessories ranging from bold, her hat, or subtle, her jewelry. She truly had a flawless feature for the project, Styles Of Houston.

As seen on Houston Life TV

As seen on Houston Public Media for Houston Matters

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