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Ryne Williams Styles Episode 9 "Country Living"

In this episode, I'm giving y'all a camo look that perfectly suits this environment while complementing it with alot of white. My white jean jacket from Forever 21 color coordinates well with the Adidas logo on my Camo Adidas shirt. Normally, I like minimum distress on my jeans, where I simply rip the knees. I like to have a clean look on my articles of clothing, but this jacket made me oppose that. The jacket is mildly distressed on the front of the jacket and its sleeves and I absolutely love it! It also has black zippers that gives this jacket some flare!

I'm obsessed with these white skinny jeans from Forever 21. The color & fit of these jeans are not to be overlooked, as I recommend anyone who is into fashion to buy a pair. Crisp and icy are the best words to describe these jeans. I did have a little bit of a struggle walking through the woods and keeping the jeans clean but whoever said obtaining good content was easy?

My brown Chelsea boots from ASOS color coordinate with my camo Adidas shirt and the brown color coincides well with the white articles of clothing I'm wearing from Forever 21. Last but not least, this Adidas shirt is fire and has the word "country" written all over it! The white logo on top of a camouflage based color is eye popping to a crowd. However, in this environment, these colors blend me in with nature. I would never go deer hunting, but with this shirt, I'm pretty sure if I'm still enough I could possibly touch a deer!

I am a city boy forever, as the struggle to swipe away bugs and move branches had its toll on me. However, the country will always have my heart. Still not ready for those horse back riding lessons, but some day I might be able to ride like the wind. Keep scrolling down and you'll be able to shop my look, as I've provided links to all of my articles of clothing. Thanks for tuning in!





As seen on Houston Life TV

As seen on Houston Public Media for Houston Matters

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