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Summer Guide: Look 2

Dear Houston, can you please turn down the heat? Summertime in Houston always feels like 100 degrees! It's not getting cooler anytime sooner so I am introducing y'all to the second look of my Summer Guide. If you didn't know, you'll find out that I absolutely love the game of basketball. I've played since I was nine years old, won the High School Basketball Texas State Championship when I was a sophomore at Bush High School and even played collegiately for two years at Brandeis University. Basketball is in my blood and has helped shape me into the person I am today. Since basketball allows for sleeveless jerseys, I thought it would be a perfect fit to start this second look out with a colorful basketball jersey. I'm wearing a retro Denver Nuggets Carmelo Anthony jersey for this look. If it's colorful then it is me! I love wearing articles of clothing that catch the eye of others and this bright yellow jersey with two shades of blue does the trick! Did I mention that the jersey is manufactured by Nike? I've been wearing Nike products ever since I was a baby so why stop now? As y'all all know, color coordination is the name of the game when it comes to my style choices. The baby blue trim in the jersey compliments my jeans perfectly. Baby blue Topman jeans, with a stretch skinny fit is my choice for bottoms. The rips at the knee were created by yours truly, for whenever I have a casual or street style look, jeans with knee rips will be worn nine times out of ten. To finish this look, I put on my tan suede chelsea boots from ASOS. The color of these boots are incredible, as they match with so many different combinations of clothing. I thought to keep my boots a lighter color to compliment the bright colors of my jersey and jeans. This look showcases comfortability, the main concept for dressing in this heat, while still keeping it casual. Let me know what you think of the second look of my Summer Style Guide by commenting below! Furthermore, you can shop this look as I give you links to all of my articles of clothing. Thanks for reading!




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