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Summer Guide: Look 1

It’s summer time in Houston, Texas y’all! Of course, its felt like summer time since February! Houston never gives you a break but you gotta love it here. Anywho, I have decided, since it would be wise to adapt your fashion choices to the different seasons, I’m going to be sharing my summer style guide! I will be dishing out my favorite summer looks, explaining my summer fashion choices.

For the first summer outfit, I’m actually contradicting “summer” style a tad bit. Being in Boston for four years of college and wearing long sleeve shirts so often, I ask myself, “Why haven’t you adapted back to wearing more short sleeve shirts in this heat?” Well, truth of it is, I simply love long sleeve shirts! They're so comfortable and give off a professional vibe. Thus, giving you my first look to my summer guide. A look that details professionalism, comfortability, and flare!

I start this look off wearing a light blue, long sleeve, Ralph Lauren Polo shirt. Summertime allows for beautiful bright colors, colors that pop out, and baby blue falls under that category. Furthermore, Ralph Lauren Polo has been one of my favorite clothing brands since 2010, my 10th grade year, the year I decided to start dressing at least half way decent. A baby blue solid shirt with a brown polo horse logo that foreshadows two more of my clothing choices for this look.

Black is easily my favorite fashion color. It compliemtns my skin well, matches with almost anything, and is essential to many of my outfits. For this reason, I chose to wear my black Topman jeans. These jeans have rips at the knee, my absolute favorite twist on fashion. The two simple rips at the knees keeps the appearance of the jeans clean, allows some fresh air to hit my legs in this Houston heat, and adds flare and a swagger to the mix. Flare and swagger is what separates one person's fashion choices from another. Daring to be different and challenging the norm is something I have always considered within my fashion.

Referring back to the foreshadow of the brown polo horse logo on my shirt, I take color coordinating serious. Matching colors using different articles of clothing is an obsession of mine. This is why I wore a brown belt and brown double strap monk shoes to match the logo on my shirt. Brown double strap monk shoes are my favorite casual shoe. They exude a certain flare, not a basic shoe as it has two straps across the top of the shoe, but it is still simple, professional, and gets the job done.

This look screams summer as I’m comfortable and giving off summer colors, all the while keeping it classy. What do yall think about this look? Leave comments below and even shop this look as I give you links to all articles of my clothing below!





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